Formerly, the site was home to a hermitage. Today, we find only the remains of a chapel, dating from 1171 and registered as a Historical Monument. It overlooks the south side of the property. The chapel is composed of the spans of an older chapel. The building is composed of an elongated plan, with an area of 50m2 (538 sq. feet) and an elevation of 9m (30ft). The sloped roof has a visible timber framing.

chapelle01chapelle02A Romanesque arch surmounts the entrance in the northern wall. The western facade is traversed by a narrow lancet surmounted by a small opening.

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We are considering restoration work to bring the chapel back to life. Our project is to make it a cultural place that we would share with people sensitive to the particular atmosphere that emerges from it. Our idea is to organise concerts, musical recordings and artistic exhibitions.