The property is located on the edge of a hamlet, surrounded by fields and woods. It is accessible via a small paved road.

It consists of a garden of one hectare on which are located the house, the outbuildings and the chapel, as well as a meadow of 5000m2  (53820 sq. feet) located on the other side of the small road.

The garden surrounds the house and reaches out to the forest and the neighbouring field. Large hedges serve as a natural barrier.

An orchard with old apple trees occupies the eastern part.


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Several centennial trees dominate the site: a walnut tree, oaks, a cherry tree, pines…

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A building of 70m2 (750 sq. feet) with 6m (20ft) high ceiling serves as garage and shed.

Adjacent to it is a small stable with its old wooden door and its rack, where the firewood is stored.